Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week 5 in Katy

Hey, so yeah obviously we didn't have the chance to get on yesterday,
but i can write today. As for the knowing that this is the best thing
I've ever done, well I'm not sure quite how to explain it, but that I
can feel on my mission when we see people change their lives that what
we do is extremely important. Then on top of that when reading the
scriptures about all the blessings we'll receive, and feeling the spirit
more constantly, it's just amazing. So this week we've got a lot to do,
we're teaching a family who moved from Los Angeles area so me and the
husband had a few connections with sports and stuff like that. Very cool
and he's very interested in learning about our message. Also, we taught
a kid named tommy (17) which was very neat because he had heard some
good and bad things about our church and so he had some questions and we
were able to answer them for him. So this Saturday is transfer calls,
and I would assume that I'd be with my trainer
for at least one more transfer but who knows. We're doing exchanges
today which is always fun cuz I get to speak english for the day lol.
And then on Thursday we have interviews with the pres. We've really
built a relationship with our investigators and I can already tell it
will be kinda hard when I leave this area, whenever that may be. So we
played beach volleyball yesterday and the sand was like scorching hot,
but it was fun; then we just chilled and talked. It was a nice day. No I
haven't had a chance to get a bike yet. So, umm it would be awesome if
you could get erik's address for me cuz I haven't been able to write him
cuz I don't have it :( umm what else....I don't know what else to tell
you....we watched reflections of Christ last night with one of our
investigators (Joel) and his family for FHE and it was so neat and
powerful. Very cool. I think that's about it, I'll write another email
to explain the Patriarchal Blessing thing. Well guess
that's it for this week. Love you!

Love y'all,
Elder Daniel Lang

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