Monday, May 18, 2009

LeTtEr- Week 4 in Katy

Hello everybody!
So this past week has been kinda crazy. We've been trying to figure out all our baptisms, because we've got 3 including the one last night. Two of them needed special interviews, but they're all cleared and ready to go now. I've had a few fun moments this past week, and had the opportunity to go to the temple. The thing I like most is bearing my testimony, always brings the spirit and I actually can say it in spanish lol. Spanish is going alright, I don't really know what to compare to, but I'm constantly learning so that's good. Most of our investigators speak english as well so when I struggle they help me to say what I want to. Pretty neat. We've got one new investigator named Mario. He drives an old mail car that's painted yellow and he sells ice cream. I'm sending home a pic of it this week. I'm starting to familiarize myself with some of the members, which is fun. I don't know much else to say....I'm tired, it's hard, but it's the best thing I've ever done, and I can honestly say that I feel it. Thanks for responding about my other email. Oh and neat story, don't know if I shared it with you, the other week at zone conference an elder who's going home in a week or two got up to bear his testimony and part of his testimony was like word for word out of my patriarchal blessing! The part where it talks about in and through Jesus Christ you live and will live, and such and such. Way cool. I'm gonna talk to him about it today. He's a great elder, from camarillo actually. lol so that was my story for the week.
Love all y'all,
Elder Daniel Lang

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