Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 3 in Katy

Hello everyone,
This past week I have had many experiences of feeling the spirit and seeing it touch people's lives. I'm grateful for the support that I receive from home. I pray for all of you constantly. I'll be sure to be praying specifically tonight for Brother Hunt. There are some things that I have learned with greater understanding while on my mission, even though it has been a short time. Firstly, the power of prayer is real, and very much needed in our lives, and going along with that the study of the scriptures. Little insights have come to me as I have studied and been striving to live worthy of having the companionship of the spirit. Secondly, and very much just as important, the devil is very real. His power is indescribable, and he desires and works very hard to slightly lead us off the straight and narrow. Satan is also not alone in his working, but we have the Savior, and through His power we can have power over Satan. I know this. Sometimes all we have to do is pray for the strength, other times we need to ask the Lord to do it, but one way or the other it can and WILL be done if we sincerely search it out. Lastly, love is incomparable when teaching. When the person you are talking to understands that you love them, they will open their hearts to you, and you having the Holy Ghost will be able to touch their hearts.
Erik, I know this last month may be a struggle, but you have so many people to help you and strengthen you as you prepare for your mission. There is not a day that passes that I do not thank the Lord for your decision to serve a mission, and I pray always that your eyes will be opened to the great love and understanding that the Lord has for you.

So, I've pretty much gotta go, but I love the work. We get to play soccer today :) There is no other place on this entire Earth that I would rather be because I know that this is where the Lord wants me. I know there are those waiting to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elder Daniel Lang (Danny)

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