Wednesday, April 8, 2009

7th Week in the MTC

k, so i like never have time to write anymore lol and i'm sorry i didn't get an actual letter out last week. i'll try today. i'm sooo excited for erik!!!!!! that is soo awesome. as soon as you told me where he was going i knew it was the right place for him. everything here is going pretty well...i've only got two weeks left which is like no time at all, crazy...oh which reminds me, one of our teachers i've gotten pretty close with and he's gonna be going down to LA in a lil bit, is it ok if i have him come meet you guys? he's very nice and exrtemely polite and funny. way nice guy. i really like some of the younger guys in my zone, definitely going to be friends after the mission. and thanks mom for all the letters and packages, they truly brighten my day. k there was a talk that i wanted you to read. i wanna say it was elder eyering's talk saturday morning but i can't remember, i've got it in my notes in my room so i'll find it and write it down in the actual letter i'll be sending home. what else...umm i don't even know what to tell you, i've felt the spirit testify to me of many things this past week, things i already knew but things that i now have more conviction in. another cool thing with my new study of the book of mormon, i checked to see where the middle of the BOM was chapter wise and page wise and then compared the two, they both talk about the plan of salvation, which is WAY cool cuz in revelations i believe john talks about plain and precious truths that will have been lost when the bible comes forth to the gentiles (us) but that the bible when it came from the mouth of a jew before it was translated that it was true, so the plan of salvation was one of the plan and precious truths that was removed, kinda cool i thought. and going out with the missionaries will be great for erik, and more mission prep, those honestly helped me soo much in preparing for my mission. well i think that's about it for now, i'll write some more in the letter.
-Love you all and pray for you always

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