Wednesday, April 1, 2009

6th Week in the MTC

so not much has happened this week, i've had a couple cool spiritual
experiences, being able to understand spanish and saying things i had no
idea how to say before. it's pretty fun, we've got 3 weeks left and i'm
getting a lil anxious. what all is goin on at home? julie and katie in
waterpolo?! that's pretty awesome. how's swim going for cassie? is carly
ready to go to idaho? The language is coming along pretty well, and i
just started over the BOM in a different way, studying it through
chiasmus, so finding what principle each chapter is focusing on and
writing summaries and comparisons of scriptures, so at the end i'll have
some scriptures in my own words. Umm....i don't know what else to say,
but i love you all and pray for each one of you constantly, i know the
Lord answers prayers. And i'm way excited to hear about where erik is
gonna go :) this is really exciting. well that's is all for this week,
i'll bring a few scriptures next week that i find cool insights to so
i'll have more to write about. Love you :)

-Elder Daniel Lang

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