Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TA DA! (3rd Week of the MTC)

So we're 3 weeks in's going by soo fast...we taught the first
lesson now twice in spanish, i do most of the talking cuz i'm picking up on
the spanish faster than my companions so i do that and then memorize scriptures.
the teaching experiences are so much fun, but very nerve wracking cuz we're
never prepared enough. but the Lord knows us and what we're capable of. i
know the Lord answers prayers. i had some cool experiences this week with the
spirit and being led by it nin discussions. we taught another spanish teacher
like one on one, he was talking to my teacher afterwards and said how impressed
he was with my spanish and the spirit that he was then that i realized
just HOW much the Lord is really doing for me, i'm not doing anything, the
Lord is doing everything, and allowing me to be the tool. How's Erik doing?
his papers coming along? i'm really excited for him. has cassie's
swim season started? how are katie and julie doing in school? how's carly
doing gettin ready for school? i heard she sang he came to did that go?
I miss all of you tremendously...thank you so much for your prayers, spanish is
coming so smoothly, and i know it's because of your prayers and the
Lord's help. i'm gonna try and get a very short letter home today with
one of the memory cards of the camera, there aren't too many pics but i
figured you guys would want to see them. and mom i'm sending my notes from
devotionals home as well in there, the notes are good for me, but all the things
i need to remember i copy into my journal so i think you'll enjoy reading
about the talks that have been given. food is always welcome :) i've loved
the stuff you've sent already...thanks for the letters as well. i especially
enjoyed the pictures you sent :) one of the glass parts broke, but the pictures
are still ok so it's all good. i had a very spirirtual experience in the
temple today, i don't have time to write about it this week but maybe
i'll share it next week...doesn't really pertain to missionary work so
don't worry you aren't missing anything. i think i like the first
rendition of the scripture that you had, but i can't remember and liek a
dork i left the letter in my room...oh well i liked them both so it doesn't
matter. thank you mom for always pushing me, and thank you dad for being such a
great example to me, i can't thank you both enough. well i gotta go,
it's about to boot me off. I love you all...write me :)

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