Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's me again- Second week of the MTC- March 4th, 2009

So briefly before I post the letter, a short story. So, last year I had a roommate, Ashley Storer who is going to be serving a mission on Temple Square. She reported a week ago, on March 4th and I went to the MTC to say goodbye to her. She told me when she was reporting but then I couldn't get ahold of her that morning. So I went about 10 minutes beforehand and waited for her in the parking lot. Then, what do you know, I see someone who looks an awful lot like my brother. And we're told specifically not to stalk the temple route (which includes the parking lot I was in) to look for our missionaries. But this wasn't planned. Well I've had the same car since I was 16- so 8 years now, so of course Danny recognized it. So we had a brief meeting, but I didn't want him to get in trouble, so it was also kinda awkward. I rolled down the window and said, "I promise I'm not stalking the temple route. I don't want to get you in trouble, I came to say goodbye to Ashley. If you see her in the MTC tell her to write me. Love ya! I'll write!" Something like that... so anyways, it was kinda fun, even though it's against the rules to do something like that on purpose. I don't think it can be helped if it's on accident. :) So now, onto the letter he sent via e-mail later that day.

"K so i've only go tlike 20 minutes so i'm gonna try to make this really quick.....everything is going well, spanish is coming relatively easy and the spiritual experiences are amazing. even in the TEC when we teach teachers we still are led by the spirit. it's so cool. so how's everyone doing? thank you for the package it really made my day.... and that is a huge bag of pistachios lol. half our district is going to be leaving on tuesday so it will only be me and my two companions and then another companionship...weird...but it's been fun...we play volleyball for gym, i play with an elder in my district from vegas...he's way good, he's a lot like me too so i like him...umm send some pictures...cuz i don't have ANY...although i do enjoy the drawings...they are so cute and i enjoy looking at them in the mornings and at night...umm what else....Erik...what's goin on there? how's it working out? I'm excited for him. i didn't sleep last night, but I'm awake, so i can definitely attest to that if you're obedient to the curfew rules then God will bless you lol. how's grandpa? how is it with gabriella gone? well, can't say i particularly enjoy being in class from 7-9 at night but i don't have much of a choice...we don't have much free time which is probably better cuz i'd get kinda down if i wasn't busy all the time...the food is alright...we have lunch at the temple on wednesdays...i saw jamie today in the parking lot, she was trying to see ashley before she reported and i saw her as i was walking back from the that was cool. there's a scripture for my plaque but i don't know exactly what the reference's alma talking i believe and it's i believe in the 20's chapters he says i do not boast of myself but i do glory in my God or something like that. [side note: not in the letter- the scripture he is referring to is the same one I had on my plaque when I served but a different part of the scripture, it is in Alma 29:9] that is a good one. anyhows...i'm doing well...don't know how i'm gonna survive 7 more weeks in here but whatev, the harder i work the easier it is. k well i gotta get off now...i love you all... even you mom :) and please let me know how grandpa is doing.



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