Wednesday, March 18, 2009

4th week in the MTC- BIG NEWS!

last night Elder L. Tom Perry came and spoke to cool. he talked about a lot of stuff, companions and testimonies, really neat. Thanks for the package i got it today...and thank you carly and katie for your letters, you'd be surprised how much they brighten up my day. i heard a really good talk on sunday, a story was used from the New Era jan 2007 elder holland's was a really good story. thanks dad for the story on the houston temple, it was really neat to read about it. so another guy i know is in our zone, i met him when i was visiting skyler and clint up in idaho , so sweet. the new district is way cool, i like all of them. my spanish is coming along pretty good, the Lord is really blessing me, which means i gotta make my prayers longer so i can thank Him for everything lol but that's ok i think He deserves it. it seems like i've been here for a long time but at the same time it seems like i just got here yesterday. one of the districts in our zone leaves next week, so that will be kinda sad, but we just keep going. i've been sleeping a lil better lately so that's been kinda nice. volleyball and basketball during gym are way fun...i'm getting really good at volleyball. i also run like a 1/2 mile before playing everyday. my diabetes is going pretty good, i had to split my night shot cuz doin it at 6 wasn't lasting me till the next morning so now i just do it right before bed. umm not a whole lot else to report...we teach the first lesson on saturday and next tuesday entirely in spanish. i'm kinda nervous cuz we're just kinda gettin the hang of it in english...i know all the lessons really well, better than most, but i don't know how to apply them to my "investigator's" needs in spanish yet...kinda hard, but it'll be fun. tell everyone that i love them tremendously, and thank you uncle reed for the letter, it was really nice hearing from you. tell grandpa and grandma that i miss them. sorry i didn't get a chance to record anything this week, we're always so busy...i'm almost more busy on P-day than a normal day. but i'll try next week. hope everything is going well...Love you all :)

-Elder Daniel Lang

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